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Remembering Mrs. Arney

Sabrina Limjoco Arney Memorial Fund


12476227_1466966435.2428Sabrina Arney passed away June 24, 2016 after a 15 month battle against brain cancer.  Through her trial, she remained positive and returned to work multiple times because she missed her students.  After an emergency surgery in January 2015 to remove the tumor, Sabrina eagerly returned to school to finish the school year with her students.  She returned in September 2015 even though she had a second surgery in July 2015.  Moreover she even taught through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and treatment still always keeping her students first.  Although she was having problems walking and communicating, she insisted on going to the 2016 Educating for Careers Conference in March.  This has been Sabrina’s passion the past two decades working endless hours to assure Jordan High School students in Aspiration In Medical Services (AIMS) are given the academic and job skills needed for higher education and careers in the medical field.   Most of Sabrina’s career was spent as the Lead Teacher of the AIMS program, a California Partnership Academy, where thousands of students can attest to the benefit they derived from the program and “Mrs. Arney”.

To sustain Sabrina’s legacy, I am starting a fund in her memory.  Eventually, I would like to set up a non-profit organization to continue support of AIMS students that Sabrina so dearly cared for.  I’m using this Go Fund Me campaign for seed money as a start.  I promise that every penny donated will go directly to student activities or individual scholarships, along with my own money, and her cash award from being Jordan High School’s 2015-2016 Teacher of the year.  AIMS has been part of our family, and I will work with the existing and future AIMS teachers to assure this money and Sabrina’s legacy educating students remains intact.  Thank you for all your love and support.

Gregg Arney