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We exist to prepare our students to learn through work & project-based curriculum/projects and graduate them prepared to succeed in medical services.


The AIMS Academy is a school-within-a-school program funded through the California Department of Education, California Partnership Academies*. Our mission is to serve any student in the Long Beach Unified School District who is interested in investigating medical careers through academic and vocational education. Through internships, guest speakers, and hands-on career investigation, AIMS students are able to experience first hand the opportunities that exist in the medical field. The AIMS Academy provides a close family-like atmosphere where students are provided the skills necessary to set and achieve the goals that will assist them in their future.


California Partnership Academies are Secondary Specialized Programs (SSP) on high school campuses. Students are required to follow a multi-year program in a specific career pathway and complete a Career Technical Education (CTE) sequence. The Aspirations in Medical Services (AIMS) Academy at Long Beach Jordan High School was established in 1989 at the forefront of California’s adoption of the Partnership Academy Model. Throughout the programs development the Academy has produced doctors, nurses, and a variety of other healthcare and non-healthcare professionals.